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Our mission statement is to ‘safeguard our people and environment from the dangers of hazardous waste’.

Chemishield is a waste management system for both solid and liquid waste.


Validation by Aphex provides engineering and validation consultancy services to Life Science companies.

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client case studies

Chemishield at Eirgen Pharma

Eirgen Pharma, an Opko Health company wanted to solve the problem of incompatible mixing of chemical waste. They wanted to improve efficiencies around the disposal process, remove spreadsheets and log books, by transitioning to a more automated system.

Also, they wanted to account for waste that was being sent to drain so they could understand what was causing damage to pipework, leading to costly repairs.

Finally, Eirgen expressed an interest to help remove the ambiguity for the disposal company in terms of the waste they were collecting, leading to greater cost certainty around disposal costs.

"Chemishield allows us to identify waste such as unopened and expired solvents, allowing us to better forecast consumables we need for our facility. Chemishield was implemented very quickly. There is now greater accountability for where our waste is going, which is invaluable during EHS audits."

"Chemishield has made our facility a safer environment with respect to chemical waste disposal. Importantly, it has had a significantly positive effect on efficiencies and has reduced overall cost associated with waste disposal."

Patsy Carney, Eirgen Pharma

Recruitment for Alexion

"Aphex is a results-oriented supplier that delivers its services with great professionalism, expediency, and quality."

"The Aphex team have a strong understanding of technical requirements and ensure clear and efficient communications throughout entire processes. Aphex has delivered on major point roles and on this basis, I would highly recommend them for recruitment needs."

Noel Dowling, Senior Resourcing Operations Manager

Recruitment for Bausch + Lomb

“Aphex demonstrates professionalism and show complete dedication to the needs of the client.”

“We have found Aphex to be professional and dependable and are quick in their turnaround time. They understand our company requirements. Aphex demonstrates professionalism and show complete dedication to the needs of the client.”

“From dealing with Brenda Duffy in particular, I could not have asked for better communication, she is remarkable in her approach, she is friendly, encouraging, incredibly efficient and transparent throughout. I would highly recommend Aphex for your recruitment needs.”

HR MANAGER, Bausch + Lomb

C&Q of SIP Cycles for Product Hold Vessels

Aphex undertook a body of work to commission and qualify SIP cycles for a number of 2000L Product Hold Vessels for a protein based product. This was performed in accordance with the Project Validation Plan. Commissioning involved determining the potential worst case locations to heat up and cool down. Such areas were monitored using an Infra-Red based Heat Gun at various phases throughout the SIP recipe and completed cycles were analysed via the Pi Historian system. This allowed us to lengthen and shorten various timers for the individual phases as part of the SIP recipe.

Extensive safety checks and a LOTO system were employed during this process. Understanding the various circuits and potential cross over with other commissioning activities was crucial in ensuring a safe work environment. Successful commissioning runs allowed for Functional Design Specifications to be redlined and updated to commence OQ and PQ. Due to the similarity of the routes between these vessels a family approach was adopted that allowed for reduced testing where a parent and child approach was adopted whereby the parent tank was run three times with temperature measured using a Kaye Validator 2000, along with BIs in worst case locations in each circuit, and a child circuit run once using the same acceptance criteria and testing methodology as the parent circuits.

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